The baddies have taken our creators hostage!

There are civillians in city siege 1 and 2, thay can be evacuated but will cause money loss on death, they can die by baddies bullets, explosions, falling blocks, and by tipping over, civillians can be evacuated by standing next to them.

Civillian typesEdit

There are many civillian types and they usually wear normal clothes but sometimes sunglasses and bathing cloth, civillians can be both male and female or even animals.


The V.I.Ps can be evacuated and killed the same ways as normal civillians, if a V.I.P is killed the mission will be "failed" which only results in no medals, but not money loss, the V.I.Ps always wear a grey smoking, sunglasses, grey pants, and have brown hair, they can also  be female.

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